Gauguin Timeline

1848 Born in Paris on June 7th

1851 Family immigrates to Peru. Father dies.

1857 Returns to France, lives with uncle in Orléans.

1865 Joins the merchant navy

1872 Begins successful career as a stockbroker in Paris

1873 Marries Mette Sophie Gad

1874 Meets Pissarro

1876 Début in the Salon with Landscape at Viroflay.

1880-82 Exhibits with the Impressionists

1882 Loses his well-paying job as a stockbroker

1885 Leaves his family in Copenhagen with Mette’s parents to return to Paris

1886 Travels to Pont Aven in Brittany

1888 Lives at Studio of the South for nine weeks

1891 Leaves for Tahiti

1898 Attempts suicide

1901 Moves from Tahiti to the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia

1903 Dies on May 8th

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A Suburban Street, 1884

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