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Today Gauguin is viewed as one of the pioneers of Modernism and one of the Post-Impressionist greats.  He knew at the time that he was a great artist and he wasn’t afraid to let people know.  Gauguin was a great storyteller both through his words and his works and there is no doubt he had a goal to become famous.  As with many great artists, however, Gauguin’s works did not sell well during his lifetime.

We see a renewed interest in Gauguin today with numerous cultural references including those in music and literature especially, as well as a growing interest in fun facts about Gauguin

Gauguin’s paintings used vibrant colors with simple forms outlined in bold black lines.  Free Gauguin lesson plans allow students to experiment with similar painting techniques and allow them to express their many different sides just as Gauguin did all those years ago in his alluring self-portraits. 

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Landscape with Peacocks

A Suburban Street, 1884

Taperaa Mahana

"I shut my eyes in order to see"

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