Edgar Degas’ Impact on Gauguin

Paul Gauguin was raised in Peru by his mother following the death of this father.  Gauguin joined the merchant navy in 1865 and followed that stint by becoming a successful stockbroker in Paris in 1872.  He collected pottery, carpets, prints and paintings by many famous artists including Impressionist Edgar Degas

 Eventually Gauguin began painting and in the 1870s made his way into the Impressionists circle while being mentored by Edgar Degas.  Gauguin found merit in Degas’ pastel work and not only influenced Gauguin’s work but he provided guidance to the young artist.

In 1893 Galerie Durand-Ruel hosted an exhibition of Gauguin’s work due to persuasion by Degas.  Degas’ support of Gauguin was also financial as Degas purchased nearly thirty of Gauguin’s works between 1880 through at least 1898, including paintings, drawings, and woodcuts. He purchased nine of Gauguin’s paintings in 1895 when Gauguin organized a sale in order to earn money to finance a trip to Tahiti.  If it wasn’t for Degas’ purchase the sale would have been a complete disaster. Gauguin lived out his life in the South Seas likely due to the mentorship and backing of Degas.

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